Getting to Know my Classroom Environment – Week 1

February 7th, 2018 I was welcomed into the Pre-Kindergarten class at M.J Coldwell Elementary School in Regina as Miss. S, a teacher. Bright colours and interactive signs fill the classroom creating an inviting environment where I feel excited and ready to embrace the experience. Play areas include a painting and craft station which allows creativity to be expressed, stacking blocks and Playdough to encourage imagination, a dollhouse which inspires communication and healthy household relationships, dinosaurs, trucks, cars and so much more providing the students with variety and the flexibility to choose what interests them.


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Sixteen kids between the ages of three and four crowd the classroom with curious minds and frank personalities. Each of them equally loves to be heard and share their thoughts amongst each other and in front of the whole class. Immediately they engaged in conversation with me and showed interest in who I was and why I was there. I loved their enthusiasm about having someone new in their class and how open they were to participate in a conversation with me and ask questions such as how old I was, and if I had any children. The students are excited about everything and show the desire to learn, create, and try new things creating a spirited setting where I can’t help but smile to know that I am making a difference in their lives and preparing them for their future years of education.


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Pre-K was many years ago for me, however, I do remember my classroom’s appearance comparing similarly in elements such as the carpet for story time, a variety of play stations and bright and cheery colours forming a positive atmosphere. I was immediately impressed by the independence and individuality that is taught and encouraged in the classroom which differs from my elementary school experience where more structure and uniformity were emphasized.

I quickly learned that Pre-K students love to explore, are attracted to the unknown, and openly share their feelings permitting for an environment where there is constantly something new and exciting grasping their attention and helping them to develop educationally while still being able to play and test their imaginations.I am excited to be involved with  Pre-K class and I hope to strengthen my relationship with my students in the future weeks while simultaneously exploring other aspects of the teaching role.

Sincerely, eye-opened and excited Miss S.

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