M.J. Coldwell Elementary Community – Week 2

M.J Coldwell Elementary school immediately welcomed me into their community by providing me with a feeling of fellowship and inviting me to join in their common goal of educating the students. As a whole, the school has a strong attitude towards the importance of reading. Mr. Clake, the principal, proudly showed me the school library where books are arranged by reading level and every class has regular opportunities to check out new books and challenge their reading abilities. For the month of February, M.J Coldwell is holding their Read-a-Thon as a way of celebrating literacy and the enjoyment and knowledge reading provides while raising money to be put towards new books and reading materials for the school. The school also emphasizes the significance of the arts and offers a developed music room stocked with a vast variety of instruments and everyday household items that encourage creativity and teamwork as the students work together to produce harmonious tunes while being introduced to different types of music. The school holds annual concerts and encourages the students to become involved with choir and their drama club to continue to express themselves through the arts. Physical activity is also encouraged through gym class, recess, extracurricular sports opportunities, and a grand assortment of equipment which permits the children to try something new, familiarizes the students with the diversity of sports, and permits active exercise. Community involvement is encouraged school-wide through the School Community Council (SCC) which permits the participation of parents, guardians, and community members with the students learning and school experience.  Specifically, in the Pre-Kindergarten class where I have been placed, family days are held monthly to encourage the inclusion of family members in the students learning processes and provide them with ideas to continue educational play beyond the walls of the school. The staff embrace their students and engage with them both educationally and personally to create a positive environment where the students feel safe and appreciated. Along with the teaching staff, six educational assistants are employed at the school to ensure the students receive the attention they need and that the classrooms are appropriately managed to meet the requirements of their students. M.J Coldwell Elementary School demonstrates the importance of community, embraces common goals, and encourages communal collaboration.

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This week I spent Valentines Day in the pre-kindergarten class where we celebrated the importance of loving one another and sharing together. It was heartwarming to participate in not only the typical traditions such as wearing pink and red and sharing treats and cards but also in the lessons of giving and encouraging the inclusion of the entire class. It was a day full of love and heart-shaped fun which demonstrated the importance of integrating educational values and lessons into play.

Sincerely Miss S. – a proud member of the M.J. Coldwell community

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