Currere Essay – Analytical – Reflection Staring Back at Me


My day begins in a scramble as I rush to get ready. I start by brushing my hair, applying some makeup, and layering myself in clothes that will keep me both warm in the dreadfully cold temperatures outside and comfortable inside the warm University classrooms. Yogurt makes for a convenient breakfast that I scarf down as I prepare a sandwich and grab a bright yellow banana to be packed for lunch. I gather my math books, computer, and pencil case and refill my water bottle with fresh cool water before zipping up my backpack and placing it by my front door.  I brush my teeth and then slip on my boots and mitts before opening the door to face the elements.  As I prepare to leave, I catch myself glancing in the garment closet door mirrors and a dedicated, Canadian student ready to brave the cold and tackle the challenges that a new day of independent living and university life will bring stares back at me.

After trekking across campus through the snow, I settle into my math lecture beside the group of girls who I have recently bonded with. I am honoured to have made friends who support and encourage me as I do for them. Positive energy floods the room as we share several laughs before turning our attention to the professor and diligently center our focus of attention on the new material. At the end of the lecture, we are asked to pick up our midterms and immediately my heart begins to pound, butterflies flutter in my stomach and my palms become sweaty. A sigh of relief floods through my body as I look at my grade and I am comforted to know that my commitment to studious preparation paid off. I walk out of the classroom alongside a group of caring friends feeling fulfilled and assured that I am shaping a quality future for myself. As we walk down the hallway, I catch my reflection in the glass door and see an intelligent and stressed student, but also a proud and considerate friend staring back at me, and a striking smile lights up my face.

Once classes are done for the day, I enjoy my walk back home surrounded by beautiful hoar frosted trees and the hustle and bustle of university crowds. I arrive back at my apartment, prepare myself a snack, and take a well-deserved break from studying prior to cooking supper. I decide to make spaghetti and meat sauce and as I stand over the stove stirring the boiling pasta I catch my reflection in the shiny frying pan lid. I see a sophisticated girl who appreciates what she has accomplished in the past year of living on her own, and I realize how grateful I am for the opportunity to receive an education in a field of study that interests me while being supported by family and friends.  An independent, mature, proficient, humble and thankful young adult beams back at me.

It is a new day and I am privileged to spend my morning in a pre-kindergarten classroom to receive realistic teaching experiences during my first year of studies. As I watch the teacher constantly integrate new and creative ideas into her classroom, I feel challenged to pursue my imagination and be open to trying new things. Her compassion towards her students motivates me to continually prioritize being inclusive and kind to others in my everyday life. The curious students have a desire to explore and learn new things, and I see in them a reflection of myself, an adventurous girl who craves continuous learning, challenges, and new experiences. The classroom environment paints a picture of the ideal place for me that provides testing situations that will encourage me to continually think and play the role of a lead-learner while being committed to nurturing and caring for others. In the classroom, I am able to be myself, a thoughtful, inquisitive, and enthusiastic pre-service teacher.

The weekend arrives and I pack my car for a weekend trip home to see my parents and most importantly my four-legged friend. I stare out into the open fields of Saskatchewan and crank my favourite country songs as I travel north-east along the highway. I catch my reflection in my rear-view mirror and a radiating smile beams across my face. I am one week closer to becoming a teacher. I continue to work hard to be successful in my studies, and I have friends and family supporting me through life’s journey. I am a privileged daughter, student, pre-service teacher, and friend who is continually adapting to new challenges and striving towards becoming a better version of myself. I am Kendall, and I am living a life that I can be proud of.

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