Currere Essay – Synthetical – Who am I

The Currere Method writing process has helped me to gain deeper understandings of myself and the individual I strive to be. It has allowed me to explore my past and the effects that it has had on who I am in the present day and who I hope to become in my future. I have discovered what truly is important in my life and strengthened my appreciation for the life that I am privileged to call my own. I have learned that all of my life experiences have helped shape the person I am today and although I am in control of my life, my past, present, and future will always impact how I choose to live and the decisions that I will make.

Every moment of my life has influenced the person I am today and no matter how minimal an experience may have been, it has had an effect in shaping the person who I have become. The childhood values that I was raised with have taught me what is important in life and how to be appreciative of what I have. Today, I am a grateful young adult who embraces life challenges that are thrown at me. My early school experiences taught me that friends don’t have to look like you or act like you but rather to be a friend one must be kind and supportive. Being the only girl in my class was contrasting to the stereotypical elementary experience of a young girl, however, it taught me how to be accepting of differences and thankful for the opportunity to learn alongside peers no matter our genders.  Today I strive to be a friend to everyone who crosses my path because I have learned that to be a friend one must simply be humble and kind. The support I received from my parents has allowed me to feel loved and taught me about the differences I can make in other people’s lives by having their backs and encouraging them. Today, I continue to look to my parents for support and strive to make them proud. As a pre-service teacher, I am appreciative of the gift of education and honoured to have had positive grade school experiences that inspired me to work towards a profession in education. My life to this day has had ups and downs but ultimately it has helped me become a proud individual who loves to learn and be challenged.

When I look to my future, I see a girl who continues to feel at home when I am in a classroom which must stem from the happiness I have found in my previous schooling experiences. School has always been a place where I excel and feel the sense of belonging which has helped me feel content with my present-day decision to pursue education. In my future, I continue to crave challenges despite their demanding nature which proves to me that although difficult at the moment, challenges have helped me grow and develop strong characteristics that have prepared me to pursue more obstacles later in life. I am exhilarated by the opportunities to learn and discover that challenges permit which makes persevering through hardships worth it. In my future, I hope to participate in societies where everyone has a voice and is valued by others. I recognize that vast opinions have not always been welcomed in my past but I am proud to be a part of a present generation that is striving towards change. In my future, I recognize the good company and the sense of belonging as a home rather than a physical building. This idea motivates me today to feel at home here in Regina as I surround myself with people who I share the common interest of education with despite not living in my house where my childhood memories were made. I am reminded by my future that the memories are in my heart and the people whom I shared them with rather than the material buildings that they were created in. I do not know what my future will bring, but I continue to envision a life that incorporates what I have learned in my past and lived in my present in hopes that my upcoming days will continue to surpass the ones I have lived.

So, who am I? Today, March 23rd, 2018, I am a developing individual with significant influences that has officially been alive for 6,900 days and although that appears to be plenty of time to discover one’s self, I am learning every day that I am consistently changing and growing into the person that I was meant to become. Tomorrow is a new day, and although I haven’t lived it yet, I know my past, present, and future self will be there because together, my memories, existence, and goals make me who I am.

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