Embracing Educators – week 5

As teachers, we have the ability to plan and arrange our daily schedules however some things are out of our control. This week the pre-K students were learning all about the four seasons as we transitioned into spring and Miss. Kerster had fun outdoor activities planned that required puddles and grass. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and the playground was once again covered in a blanket of snow ruining the possibility of executing the planned activities. With little time to think, Miss K changed her weekly plans and was able to come up with fun ideas that still incorporated the weather outside.

The story So Much Snow by Robert Munsch was the perfect reflection of our recent snow storm and the inspiration for the craft while I was there. By mixing shaving cream and glue, we made a textured paint that allowed the students to design pictures of winter blizzards and snow piles using a medium that they hadn’t seen before. At the end of the day, we embraced the snow and went outside to make snow angels and trails through the snow with the mindset that “wintertime is fun” which was the key phrase in the story. Miss K.’s adaptability to turn the unfortunate winter conditions into a fun and educational day for the students was impressive. It was fun to see the kids be excited about the snow and the activities that were planned in the spur of the moment. It was inspiring to witness the kids appreciating the tasks that were prepared for them and the power that imagination and creative minds can have in the classroom.  

Sincerely cold, influenced, and motivated Miss S.



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