My Time at MJ Coldwell Comes to a Close – week 7

Week seven in the Pre-K classroom at MJ Coldwell wrapped up my first teaching experience in my pre-service teacher education journey. From my very first day, the staff at MJ Coldwell welcomed me in their school and were excited to help introduce the teaching profession to me. They encouraged me to get involved with the students and fully participate in the classroom to gain the most from my experience. I enjoyed the opportunity to lead activities such as crafts, tower building with blocks, sculpting with playdough and baking treats. It was a privilege to watch the students embrace new opportunities, play and work together, and help out with clean up and daily classroom tasks. Every week I was impressed with how independent the students strived to be and their social and academic progress that I was able to observe through the course of my time in their classroom. It was an honour to work alongside Miss Kerster who challenges her students to be self-sufficient and try new things. Miss K demonstrated genuine care for her students and was continually adapting her classroom to meet the interests of her students which was inspiring for me to witness.

Today, the pre-K classroom acknowledged appreciation for my help in their classroom which reminded me of how rewarding the teaching profession can be. Over the past seven weeks, I was able to make a difference in the lives of many students which was my initial motivation for becoming a teacher. Although I am still interested in pursuing secondary education, my time spent in the pre-K classroom was extremely fulfilling and beneficial. I truly enjoyed interacting with the students and finding fun ways to incorporate educational lessons into everyday play. I already miss my 16 pre-K students and the learning environment at MJ Coldwell and I will be forever grateful for the experiences I gained through my field placement in my first year of education studies.

Sincerely a fulfilled and grateful Miss S.

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