Miss. S Returns for Another Semester of EdTech

Hi all,

My name is Kendall Schneider and I am officially three-eighths of the way through my education degree at the University of Regina! I grew up in Prince Albert Saskatchewan and despite consistently missing home, I am embracing the opportunity to explore the beautiful city of Regina and live independently. Growing up, I was involved with Girl Guides of Canada both as a member and a volunteer mentor for the younger girls. The program taught me respect, independence, and the importance of teamwork which are all values I hope to embed in my future classrooms. My grade school experience was one I will never forget and something that I thoroughly enjoyed which motivated me to continue a future in education. At school, I felt a sense of belonging and although I know that not every student will have the same optimistic attitudes about learning that I did, as an educator I hope to develop a safe space for my students that they will want to attend because school should be a positive experience for all students.

“The only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics” – Paul Halmos

Photo Credit: Rawpixel Ltd Flickr via Compfight cc
 As a secondary education student majoring in math, I am required to take EDTC 400 which is an education course that discusses the integration of technology into classrooms. In my first semester of University, EDTC 300 introduced me to the significant role that technology has in education and I was encouraged to develop a professional online presence and build a personal learning network (PLN). I was introduced to the world of blogging, had the opportunity to publish a personal learning project, and created a Twitter profile that allows me to connect with educators around the globe. This semester I look forward to:

  • My personal beliefs being challenged during the great EdTech debate. I hope to be exposed to varying opinions regarding educational technology as we discuss controversial topics pertaining to how technology should be used in the classroom.
  • Continuing to develop my professional online presence and build connections with my fellow educators. In the public profession of teaching, parents, guardians, and colleagues will want to know who I am so I am excited for the opportunity to create an online identity that I am proud of. I hope to build on my confidence and skills using both my Twitter account and my blog.
  • Mentoring students from EDTC 300 who are in the beginning stages of developing their online identities. This part of the course will challenge me to practice the roles of an educator and provide me with preparation for my future career so it is my goal to take full advantage of the teaching opportunity.

I am excited to grow as an educator alongside my #edtc400 classmates as we are continually exposed to new ideas about integrating technology into our classrooms and provided with the opportunity to explore many online platforms. Thank you for joining me on my learning journey as I work towards becoming the best Miss. S that I can be.

All for now,

Miss. S


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