Introducing Miss Schneider

Hi all, my name is Kendall Schneider and I am currently enrolled as a fourth-year student in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina studying Secondary Education and majoring in Mathematics. Fourth-year means internship and I am grateful to be welcomed at the Sacred Heart High School in Yorkton to embrace the challenges that teaching during these unprecedented times will bring. I recognize that my experience will be everything but traditional but, I believe that a positive mind finds opportunity in everything and thus, I am choosing to remain optimistic as I embark on my learning journey and continue to pursue my desire to teach others.

I grew up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan and graduated from St.Mary High School in June of 2017. Throughout my years in grade school, I was involved with Girl Guides of Canada both as a member and volunteer mentor for the younger girls. The program has taught me independence, respect, and the importance of friendship, teamwork, and collaboration while allowing for once in a lifetime opportunities and surfacing my passions to camp and travel. I strongly believe that travelling is a powerful form of education and that camping helps people construct a grateful attitude towards life. I hope to works these beliefs and ideas from my personal experiences into my teaching style to help combine my passions with my career.

My family memberare major sports enthusiasts and although I do not competitively play a sport myself, I enjoy cheering on my brothers, watching professional leagues and being a part of intermural teams. I am looking forward to joining a teacher team where we can learn and grow alongside each other.

I am motivated by the challenge to inspire and enthuse students and help them appreciate and recognize the significance of the gift of education. In a blog post by Brian Gatens, he explains how teaching high school students insists that teachers go beyond instructing simply the content of the course but rather provide their students with work habits and social skills required to be successful in our forever growing technology-centred and team-based world.

Technology is continually becoming a greater factor in our everyday lives and it is important to develop a professional online presence in order to successfully obtain a career in the Education field. I am excited about the opportunity to develop a polished e-portfolio that I can carry with me in my future endeavours. I hope to continue to present myself to the world in a professional manner, express my thoughts and ideas in a sophisticated format, and communicate with those who I have professional relationships with through my e-portfolio.