Never Stop Learning because Life Never Stops Teaching

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” 

-Nelson Mandela

The following is a list of Educational resources that I have found useful as I progress through my education experiences:

  • Shattering the Silence – the story of residential schools in Saskatchewan formatted as an E-book resource for educators
  • Kahoot – a free game based learning platform that permits interactive and fun learning
  • BrainPOP – animated educational clips
  • Crash Course – and educational youtube channel that covers a broad variety of subject
  • TV Bullies: How Glee and anti-bullying programs miss the mark – informational article about the importance of properly addressing homophobic harassment in schools
  • Treaty Ed Camp – professional development event organized by teachers for teachers focusing on integrating treaty education into the classroom for all age levels

“Children won’t care how much you know until you show them how much you care”

-Joy Woodard